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Read stories on the success of students, faculty, administrators, and partners as they bring technology skills to people around the world.


Academy students apply networking expertise to benefit local high schools
Cisco Networking Academy students at CONALEP Cortazar in Mexico are making a difference in the community. Applying the skills and knowledge they have learned, they are installing networks in local high schools to enhance educational development. Three networks have already been implemented, with 12 more designed and ready to install.  >> More
Academy Student Conquers Virus, Aids Secret Service
Joseph Chiu is a senior at Sunset High in Florida. He has made a difference in the community by assisting with a Secret Service investigation and helping rid the school of the pervasive Nimda virus. He also works part time to help administer the school's network. Joseph is completing the Academy curriculum and will take his CCNA exam at the end of the year.  >> More
Women Take Up the Challenge to Accelerate Jordan's Economy
Cisco Systems, Inc., the Cisco Foundation, UNIFEM (United Nations Development Fund for Women), and the Government of Jordan have launched "Achieving E-Quality in the ICT Sector," a project aimed to enhance the Jordanian women's skills, knowledge and access to information. Since its launch in January 2002, ten Cisco Networking Academies have been established in Jordan with a strength of 600 students 66 percent of who are women.  >> More
Cisco-trained Students Upgrade Rural Telecommunications Network
A team of seniors in the Information Networking and Telecommunications program at Ft. Hays State University used their Cisco Networking Academy training to benefit the community. They organized, designed, and implemented a network topology upgrade from frame relay to ATM for a local telephone company. The project was important because it helped move an independent rural telecommunications provider forward in the level of technology it provides the region.  >> More
Workforce Transition Project
Workforce Transition Project: Retraining People for Today's Technology Job Market This innovative alliance between Cisco Systems, Communications Workers of America and Stanly Community College, helps prepare union members and transitioning U.S. military personnel with training for the future.  >> More
Academy Students Wire 40,000+ Schools in Argentina
Cisco Systems, Inc., signed an agreement with the Minister of Education and the Chairman of the Board of EDUC.AR (the first state-owned Internet company in Argentina) in September 2000. The Agreement will allow 3,200 Cisco Networking Academy students design the networks of more than 40,000 schools in Argentina over a 24-month period. >> More
Meteoric Rise for Cristian Caramida in Romania
Four years ago, a 17-year-old Romanian high school student, Cristian Caramida, embarked on the Cisco Networking Academy Program. Now he's regarded as one of the top 10 networking engineers in his country, but he still looks back on the program with gratitude. "It taught me the basics so well that it has made it very easy for me to go on and learn on my own."  >> More
UNDP APDIP and Cisco Systems complete a three-year plan to set up Networking Academies in developing countries
Surpassing their original expectations of establishing 10 Academies, the UNDP, Asia Pacific Development Information Programme (APDIP) and Cisco Systems, Inc., successfully completed their 3-year initiative of bringing Internet education to students in nine developing countries by establishing 18 Academies in the Asia Pacific region. Five hundred students are currently being trained in these Academies while 140 have already graduated. This three year collaboration will help bridge the digital divide in some of these countries.  >> More

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