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 Success Stories

Read stories on the success of students, faculty, administrators, and partners as they bring technology skills to people around the world.


Academy Graduate Takes Unusual Road to Success
Nineteen-year-old Adam Frederick, a network engineer at Home Federal Bank, already holds both CCNA and CCNP certifications. He completed much of the Cisco Networking Academy coursework on his own, creating a hands-on practice lab with routers purchased through an Internet site. His current goal is obtaining a CCIE certification.  >> More

Jordan Katzarov - A Fast Learner in the Internet Generation
With help from the Cisco Networking Academy Program, 13-year-old Jordan Katzarov, a talented Bulgarian schoolboy is realizing his potential and making a practical contribution to his community's use of information technology (IT) and the Internet.  >> More

Academy Student Addresses United Nations Assembly
Ye Jing, a networking Academy student from China received her CCNA certification and currently works in the Shanghai Stock Exchange as a Network Engineer. She was selected to participate and speak at the United Nations Beijing + 5 conference held at the UN Headquarters in New York in June 2000.  >> More

Networking Academy Program Launches Singapore Shipping Coordinator into Promising New IT Career
Khor Kean Hock had an amateur interest in technology. However his current job as coordinator of a shipping company did not give him any opportunities to follow his dreams. The Cisco Networking Academy Program presented him with one such opportunity. Khor was accepted as a systems engineer at HL Integral Systems Pte. Ltd. even before receiving his certification.  >> More

Straight-A High School Student Passes CCNA Exam in Time for Graduation
Terezia Matejovic had no former knowledge of computer science but had the willingness to learn. During her last two years of high school this straight A student and class salutatorian not only received a CCNA certification followed by a Cisco Fundamentals of Unix course certificate, she was chosen to represent her school at a regional Cisco conference.  >> More

Smoothing the Transition from Military to Civilian Life
After more than 22 years in the military Clarence Mitchell is taking advantage of the Workforce Transition Project and the Cisco Networking Academy Program to get ready for civilian life. He has completed all CCNA courses and is preparing for the certification exam. Clarence is confident that his training will enable him to find a challenging and rewarding job in the IT industry. >> More

Cisco Creates New Opportunities for Career-Changing Adults
Scott Redilla reached the top of his field as Master Auto Mechanic at age 35, but was increasingly unhappy in his job. He didn't know where to turn until a friend introduced him to the computer industry through the Academy Program.  >> More

High School Student Readies for Technical Career
Matt Rigdon, 16, attended the Academy Program through The Sequoia Information Technology program at Sequoia High School in Redwood City, California. Now, his goal is to major in computer science at Stanford University.  >> More

Student Is Hooked on Networking
Ricardo Wilson came from a modest background in Queens, New York. Because of the Academy Program, he feels for the first time that he's in charge of his destiny. Ricardo's goal? To become a networking engineer.  >> More

Thapa Dreams of Climbing a Different Nepalese Mountain
This Kathmandu native dreams of working for her country's government to revolutionize the health, education and defense sectors through technology. She's off to a strong start with her Networking Academy experience which has helped her become a systems analyst. >> More

Opening New Doors for Hong Kong Graduate
Ip Wing Kei credits the Academy Program's practical knowledge and on the job-training helped for helping him secure his job as a network engineer at Powernet Internet Group. >> More

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